Share TIPS

“Share something that you do in the classroom that works.”

The perfect TIPS presentation is just that simple.  Presenters should focus on actionable teaching innovations, practices, and strategies that have proven to be successful in the classroom and beyond.

The Basics
  • Leave the theory behind. TIPS is about sharing tools, things your colleagues can do to improve student success.
  • Keep it short & sweet. Presentations should be 7-10 minutes in length.
  • This isn’t a lecture, it’s show-and-tell. Presentations should be informative and informal.
  • The cameras are running. Keep in mind that TIPS presentations will be video recorded and archived.  Remember to speak loudly and clearly.
  • Have your handouts ready.  TIPS is all about the “takeaway.”  Prepare a 1-page handout that your colleagues can easily reference when the workshop is over.
To Get you Started

Presentations on any actionable TIPS are welcome. But if you need inspiration, consider sharing TIPS that you use to successfully achieve any of the following:

Improving reading comprehension | Improving math fundamentals | Improving writing skills | Cultivating effective classroom climates | Crafting better evaluations and assessments | Having great classroom discussions | Getting students to prepare for class | Getting students to work effectively in groups | Teaching to diversity |  Overcoming apathy | Strategies for students with disabilities | High impact icebreakers | Designing grading rubrics | Better syllabus strategies | Integrating instructional technology

Propose a Workshop Presentation